Systematic Funds

Hedge Fund (HF), whose resource allocation is performed by automated quantitative strategies exploiting the best data feeds, models and technologies. Allocation performed primarily to highly liquid assets listed on both local and global markets.


Data is the New Oil

The set of technologies such as Big Data (data in great volume, variety and speed) and advanced data analysis techniques like Machine Learning, imply a competitive advantage for better inference on market movements, more efficient selection of assets and reduction of risk strategies.


Technology as a scale increase factor and cost reduction

Technologies such as electronic trading systems and direct access to the order placing server allow for execution automation, latency reduction, operating cost reduction and exploitation of market inefficiencies. Dedicated, high-performance connections enable data synchronization from different markets as well as more efficient executions. Cloud computing services and high performance hardware provide high data processing and highly complex models with low cost and processing time.


Algorithms are the engines of automated strategies.

The combination of data, models and technology yield the so-called algorithms, producing scaled results with low cost and latency, lower risk and higher returns. With the increasing difficulty of fundamentalist managers in reaching benchmarks, whether by costs or poor performance of strategies, the adoption and representativeness of quantitative management is ever increasing.